Group Classes

  • Vocals-Jess
    classes expose students to a wide range of singing styles and genres, Pop, RnB, Contemporary & Musical Theatre. Students work together to develop vocal technique, harmonies, confidence, performance skills as well as microphone technique. Enrol Now.
  • Drama V2
    is amazing for confidence building and providing studetns with the skills that can be taken into every avenue of life. Our Drama group classes are designed to develop skills in working to camera, video screen tests, TV and film, audition preparation and improvation. Enrol Now.
  • JAP 8004 800x800
    combines three separate classes; singing, dancing and acting into one session. Each class will focus on building students musical theatre repertoire through singing & dancing to hit songs, and acting out scenes from popular renowned musicals. Enrol Now.
  • untitled shoot-491-2 1024x1024
    is the foundation for dance technique and provides insight into many other styles. Ballet will give any dancer increased body awareness, technical finesse and elegance on the dance floor. Ballet is a disciplined art form which will significantly improve posture, alignment, grace and core stability. Techniques practiced include ATOD and curriculum inspired by the Bolshoi and Royal Ballet. Enrol Now.
  • Jazz
    is an up-tempo, athletic style originating from the 1950's by founders such as Jack Cole and Bob Fosse. Today, jazz has changed with popular culture and now includes a wide variety of styles such as Broadway, Commercial and Jazz Funk. A jazz class would include, warm up, strengthening and stretching, progressions, technique and choreography exploring one of the many genres within jazz dance. Enrol Now.
  • Tap V2
    is a speciality style incorporating rhythm, using the sounds of tap shoes as a percussive instrument. Tap teaches musicality, coordination and showmanship. This style of dance has been featured in movies such as "A Chorus Line", "Happy Feet" and street derived styles as "Tap Dogs" and "Bring in the Noise and Bring in the Funk". MAPA provide education in both subsets of tap: Broadway and Street. Enrol Now.
  • ELI 9447
    free-form style is a fusion of ballet, modern and jazz technique. Our contemporary classes will encourage children to find inspiration from their life experiences and convey this through their movement and performance. A class includes warm up, conditioning, progressions, improvisation and choreography. Enrol Now.
  • Hip Hop
    dance began in the 1970's in New York from three foundations: popping, locking and breaking. Hip Hop classes at MAPA are Urban representative styles often seen in movies and television such as "Step Up" and "America's Best Dance Crew". Urban/Hip Hop dance is a style often chosen by artists such as Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson for Music Videos. A class will include a cardio warm up and a routine specialized by the instructor. Enrol Now.
  • Glee Club 1280x1280
    Glee club is a song and dance class inspired by the hit TV show. Students develop a love of music as they work together to learn harmonies, movement and performance skills. Enrol Now.
  • Pitch Perfect Choir
    Pitch Perfect teen choir, inspired by the movie, provides students with a platform to learn harmonies and sing A Capella. Students will work together on top 40 hit songs and popular classics. Enrol Now.
  • Acro 1280x1280
    is the performance of extraordinary feats of balance, agility, and motor coordination. It can be found in many of the performing arts as well as in many sports, sporting events and martial arts. Acrobatics is most often associated with activities that make extensive use of gymnastic elements, such as acro dance, circus, and gymnastics but many other athletic activities "such as ballet and diving" may also employ acrobatics. Although acrobatics is most commonly associated with human body performance, it may also apply to other types of performance, such as aerobatics. Enrol Now.
  • Breaking
    Also called Breakdancing or B-boying is a style of street dance that originated in New York City during the early 1980s. The dance spread worldwide due to popularity in the media. Breaking is typically danced to hip-hop, funk music, and especially breakbeats, although modern trends allow for much wider varieties of music along certain ranges of tempo and beat patterns. Training in this style focuses on all elements of Breaking including toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes. Enrol Now.
  • Family
    Our Family classes are all about introducing your child to music, dance and drama in a relaxed environment where adults and children participate together. Our program is all about meeting families in the area, develops the left/right brain connection, supports language and social development and gets your children giggling and connecting more with you. Enrol Now.
  • Music
    Music classes are all about foundations of music. Students will learn about beat, pitch melody, notation, time, rhythm, tempo, aural skills, composition and performance all while having heaps of fun, making new friends and playing up a storm. Enrol Now.




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